About Von Technologies

Von Technologies has been delivering network infrastructure, wireless networks, and device connectivity solutions since 2006. We are proud to be recognized as one of the most innovative and fastest-growing woman-owned technology businesses.

We are invigorated by the ever-increasing demand for network capabilities, and we continually invest in better and smarter ways to deliver superior reliability and actionable insights to our customers.

As we evolved, we expanded our offering to include Managed Services based on our customers' demand for ongoing high-quality network expertise.



Our dedicated employees are located throughout the United States, providing connectivity solutions to a wide range of industries including hotels, shopping malls, office parks, restaurants, manufacturing companies, refineries, entertainment venues, hospitals, universities, and more.


We have installed, supported, repaired, and upgraded point-of-sale systems, security systems, indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi solutions, routers, switches, and many other devices. We have also delivered reliable connectivity solutions to some of the most challenging environments that one can imagine.

Managed Services

We are extremely proud of the unique solution that we have built from the ground up - integrating a carefully assembled combination of best-in-breed hardware, software, as well as our own proprietary tools to provide superior 24x7 network monitoring for our clients.

Reinventing Technology Delivery Since 2006

Three Things to Know about Von Technologies


1. We ruin surprises.

In technology, nobody likes surprises. Surprises lead to lost time, lost money, rework, and sometimes even project failure. We hate surprises, too - and that's why we are very thorough and diligent in preparing for each project. Our thousands of successful deployments across environments, industries, carriers, and geographies have given us a tremendous breadth of experience. We know what to expect and what to look for ahead of time, so that problems are not stumbled into, but rather anticipated and proactively solved. Our creative, nimble, experienced, and focused team is committed to delivering effective IT solutions - no matter what your project's challenges may be.


2. We like finger-pointing.

After the finger-pointing and blame, Von is often called in to pick up pieces where other companies fell short.  Many companies offer network solutions. Many companies offer engineers and technicians. And many companies promise incredible services at cut-rate prices. But many companies fail to deliver on those promises.  If you hire us for a job, we want you to point your fingers at us.  We own what we do, and we take extreme pride in what we deliver. Our assesment skills are unparalleled, our documenation is extremely thorough, and we take exceptional measures to make sure you get every dollar of value in your technology investment.


3. We want a relationship with you -
especially when "it's complicated."

Von has earned our reputation as the "go-to company for complicated projects" because we have systems, tools, equipment, expertise, and planning capabilities to ALWAYS get IT done - no matter what "IT" is. Short time frames, geographical challenges, mis-matched technology, indoor/outdoor settings, inaccurate documentation, competing signals/frequencies, uncommon vendors integrations - for us, these are everyday, easily-handled project attributes. Your complications don't scare us - they make us thrive. (Of course, we love simple projects, too!)

If you've never had an IT project finish on time, on budget, and surpassing your expectations -
let us be your first.

Want to Join the Von Tech Team?

Six Situations When You Absolutely Need Von

You Want to Feel Taken Care Of

We all know that technology projects can be painful. At Von, we strive hard to eliminate pain and truly take care of our customers. We start by listening and asking questions. You will always have a dedicated contact person(s) at our company who knows your situation inside and out. Our only agenda is helping you get exactly the technology solution that you need for your organization.

Wi-Fi Reliability is Paramount

If having Wi-Fi service isn't enough - your business requires dependable uptime, bandwidth, and signal strength to support your Phone Systems, Point-of-Sale systems, Security Cameras, or other devices - you must call Von. We are the leading service provider for design, install, analytics integration and ongoing support for a wide variety of Wi-Fi solutions. Looking for a package Wi-Fi solution that includes analytics? Check out our Wi-Fi Wisely offering!

You Need Network Management

Maintaining a reliable network is a huge job. It can prevent your internal tech team from focusing on more important projects. Von has created a turn-key Managed Service Solution. We start by finding all of your assets and their pertinent information through our proprietary system. We then calibrate our monitoring tools for your specific environment, and we provide actionable insights to you about your network's performance. Learn more

Your Timeline is Critical

If your project involves a lot of vendors and timing dependencies - we can help. Our proactive project management team works hard to ensure that our portion of the project happens without a hitch. We work with our upstream and downstream counterparts to identify any possible efficiencies or contingencies, then we plan accordingly. We look for all opportunities to save you time and money on the big picture.

Experiencing Problems with Unknown Root Causes

If your network or Wireless solution is not functioning, but you aren't sure why - we can help. Our experts have vast experience finding the seen and unseen obstacles that may be wreaking havoc on your system. We have a skilled, cohesive team of specialists who carefully analyze the symptoms to identify the root cause and fix it. Clear skies are ahead with Von on your team!

Multiple Equipment Manufacturers

Do you have inconsistent network installations that use a variety of equipment manufacturers, standards, and setups? We can help. We have experience with multi-vendor integrations. We can also help you design, implement, and document consistent standards across your organization to improve efficiency and reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

Michelle Vondrasek
Michelle VondrasekPresident

Michelle Vondrasek, founder and CEO of Von Technologies has an extensive history in the telecommunications industry.  Since launching Von in 2007, the company has launched over 20,000 technology deployments.

Michelle has received numerous awards for leadership, growth, and innovation. She has been named one of North America's Top Women Entrepreneurs by Ernst & Young. and has also been named a Woman of Influence by the Chicago Business Journal. She gives back by participating in programs that encourage young girls to become more involved in STEM career paths.

Her personal dedication to building a values-based business has allowed her to grow a team of dedicated employees across the country. The longevity of her employees with the company speaks volumes of the company's positive and energetic work environment and Michelle's personal leadership style.

I started Von when I saw that there was a need for a values-based technology company. The core of Von has been built upon an obsession with quality. We don't push sales and we don't cut corners - we build effective, strategic solutions. We want even the most non-technical customers to feel knowledgeable and confident when they buy from us. Our employees are proud of the work that they do, and our company rewards creativity, teamwork, and delivery.

Michelle Vondrasek
Rick MuellerVice President - Solutions
Joe HorvatinVice President - Delivery Operations
Randy IrwinVice President - Managed Services
Tom VondrasekFinance/Human Resources