Staff Augmentation

Experienced, Certified Employees at Your Service

Recent economic trends have forced many organizations to reduce their IT departments, which means that the remaining staff are often stretched thin and burdened with multiple responsibilities in order to maintain optimum performance of the IT infrastructure.

Increase your IT staffing power without the additional expenses of hiring a new employee.

The staff members provided to enhance your business operations will be experienced in the areas of support you need, and possess the required technology and product certifications.  Any personnel assigned to support your organization are:

  • Employed, full-time, by Von Technologies
  • Experienced and certified in the appropriate technologies
  • Background checked and cleared medically (as needed)
  • Capable of gaining required security clearances

Through our IT staff augmentation solutions, we strive to fulfill your business objectives by solving long-term needs, instead of providing temporary fixes. We work with you to understand your business and its unique IT environment.  We then deploy the appropriate personnel to your facility to provide short- or long-term IT support and project services.

With some on-site staff engagements lasting more than 3 years, we offer a proven history of customer satisfaction.

If you need a boost to your IT staff, Contact Von Technologies today.