Voice over Internet Protocol

IP Telephony:

IP telephony has proven to be a wise decision for many companies.  The convergence of voice and data into a single, powerful network enables businesses to reduce costs, consolidate and simplify networks, and better serve their customers.

Our telephony consultants understand both the technical requirements, the value to the business, and the capabilities of the wide variety of solutions that are offered today.  We can work with you to integrate a system that:

  • Reduces the costs associated with supporting disparate legacy technologies
  • Introduces centralized telephony management that breaks down silos and increases visibility
  • Facilitates the integration of remote and mobile workforces
  • Enhances customer satisfaction though innovative IP telephony based services


What we offer

At Von Technologies, we work with you to achieve a cost savings solution. With our knowledge and technical experience we evaluate your current infrastructure and create a solution based upon your goals. We can provide you with every support service needed in a VoIP roll-out.  Getting into VoIP doesn't have to be difficult and/or time consuming.

Through Von technologies' partnership and guidance, everything from site assessments, cabling, device configuration, installation and testing can be handle by our experienced team.

Site Assessments

Your local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) function as the backbone of your VoIP deployment.  In fact, it is the number one reason most VoIP deployments fail; however,  many businesses today still fail to consider the condition and capabilities of their current network.

Through Von Technologies' site assessment service, you can ensure that your LAN is structurally strong and ready for the additional burden that VoIP calling will place on it.  One of Von Technologies' certified field technicians will visit your office and fully evaluate your existing LAN set-up, inspect your cabling, then report back the findings and recommendations.

Network Installation Services

Your network is the backbone of your VoIP system.  Without a solid network infrastructure, you won't be pleased with the quality of your VoIP calling experience.

If you're like most businesses, your network is an after-thought. Or, if you're a new business just starting out, you might not even have considered the importance of a modern, robust network.

In either case, the chances are high that you're going to need some network infrastructure installed.  With our network installation services, one of Von Technologies' certified field technicians can configure and install your server rack, network switch, and your router, giving you a reliable network infrastructure for trouble-free VoIP calling.

Cabling Installation Services

We offer a wide variety of cabling service options, which can help to take the hassle and expense out of running cabling for your VoIP deployment. With our cabling installation service, one of our field technicians will install, terminate, test, and label your new cable installation.