Fax over IP (FoIP)


Organizations are integrating IP telephony into their existing IP infrastructure to reduce costs and lower the complexity of their communications and data infrastructures.  Fax can take advantage of these enhancements, as well as provide a centralized fax environment with easier deployments and help to eliminate hardware restrictions.  By connecting to leading IP PBX and T.38 enabled gateways from Cisco, Avaya, Siemens, 3com, Dialogic, AudioCodes, Quintum and others, companies can obtain the benefits of converged networks, low cost telephony routing, and virtualization.

What is FoIP?

Fax over IP, or FoIP, is a method of sending or receiving a fax through a IP network instead of through traditional phone lines.  FoIP rides on the same platform as Voice Over IP (VoIP) calls, or SIP.  By placing calls on these IP networks, businesses can converge their data and communications networks into one. This allows for lower operating costs, simplified voice and fax deployments, the ability to eliminate costly analog lines, and provide centralized fax environments.

Features of FoIP

  • Reduce infrastructure costs through converged IP architectures
  • Easier deployment and maintenance with a centralized fax environment
  • 100% software based, hardware independent and for virtualized environments
  • Works over existing network interface, no PCI fax cards required
  • Connects with other remote T.38 capable branch offices to avoid long distance toll charges
  • Provides a migration from legacy (costly) POTS lines and T1 circuits

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