Industry: Government

One industry that has become more reliant on technology is the government sector.  Think of the automation we see, now, with every aspect of the government, from the IRS to the DMV, from the United States Military to the park district in your local community.  The people of this country place their trust in government to provide assistance and information, keep us safe, and keep our personal information secure.  Von Technologies is pleased to assist, whenever possible, to help all branches of government reach their technological goals.

  • Metropolitan County Municipal Offices
  • Government Defense Contractor
  • Metropolitan Park District
  • Regional Judicial Facility
  • Regional Utilities Provider


Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Deployment

  • Scope: During this project, a site survey, implementation, support, and training for sixteen (16) satellite sites was conducted to connect to a virtualized IP Telephony system.  Von Technologies performed cabling for POTS circuits, demarcation point extensions, and handsets. The implementation of MPLS router, layer-2 switches with centralized PSTN access for 420 handsets was also completed.  We conducted circuit testing, number porting and provide First Day of Business (FDoB) support for the user base. Finally, we conducted instruction-led training for end user access to telephony, voicemail, and unified messaging resources. Read More


IP Telephony Upgrade

  • Scope:   Planning, design, implementation, and support for an IP Telephony system outside its support window was completed in this project.  Implementation of new IP Telephony servers in an existing current network environment was conducted while migrating PSTN service from POTS and PRI circuits to MPLS routed network with centralized access to SIP circuits.  Seven sites with more than 350 users were transitioned in a flash cut-over. Through coordination with the customer's network and cabling resources, we prepared and tested the network environment for cut-over prior to normal business hours.  Von Technologies managed deployment and implementation
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Temporary-to-Permanent Outdoor Wireless Network Solution

  • Scope:  A survey, design, plan, and implement a temporary WiFi network to support public and event-specific access for a 275 acre public park was completed for this project. There were challenges with limited points of presence, a unique environmental space, and aesthetic requirements were overcome leading to a transition from a temporary network to a city WiFi hot zone. Read More


VoIP Network Design/Implementation

  • Scope:  This project consisted of supporting the department's move to a new location and new implementation of a Cisco Call Manager and Unity Connection solution. Read More


Infrastructure Upgrade

  • Scope:  During this project, Von Technologies conducted an on-site upgrade and licensed existing UCCX.  We removed and installed a new agent and supervisor software. Read More