Industry: Health Care

Health Care is an industry that touches every person at some point in their lives. While the doctors, nurses, and insurance representatives are what may come to mind when thinking about health care, what we don’t think about is the incredible amount of technology behind these professionals. The surge, in recent years, of the technology that puts computers or tablets in every doctor’s exam room, eliminates the need for paper filing, and lets you view your medical records from your desktop is all fueled by a complex technology infrastructure that demands the utmost security.  Von Technologies is proud to be a part of the new age of health care and medical technology.

  • Global Medical Services Corporation
  • Regional Medical Facility


Network Assessment/Remediation/Virtualization

  • Scope: This project consisted of reviewing the global network framework of a disparate, undocumented, and diverse network environment, as well as to make scaled recommendations to remediate known issues, establish/implement standards, and document the existing network.  We prioritized issues by impact, cost, and strategic importance. Von Technologies conducted preliminary remediation to prepare the network infrastructure for the migration to a hosted and/or managed service framework. Read More


Infrastructure Upgrade

  • Scope:  This project consisted of replacing the existing PBX with new CUCM and Unity Connection servers onto two UCS-200 virtualized platform servers with full redundancy across multiple sites. Von Technologies installed and configured two Cisco CUBEs in two locations, running SIP to the provider for redundancy.  We then deployed new phones with similar functions and features as the current ones. Read More