Industry: Hospitality

Business or pleasure?  Whether a business conference or tropical vacation, both demand what are now considered standards in hospitality technology.  Ranging from motels on Route 66 to luxury hotels in the heart of Paris, these properties pride themselves on pleasing their customers.  Von Technologies helps the hospitality sector in order for them to meet the needs of their guests.

  • Global Hotel Corporation
  • Global Hotel Conglomerate
  • Consumer Recreation Center & Stadium


Wireless Network Upgrade

  • Scope:  For this project, Von Technologies surveyed existing wireless signal propagation in order to recommend an upgrade to an 802.11a/g/n network and managed wireless controller configuration at twenty locations.  We cooperated in the planning for a hardware upgrade and Internet accessible management platform.  Finally, we validated the upgrade success and wireless signal propagation. Read More


Wireless Network Upgrade

  • Scope:  For this project, wireless field engineers conducted over 1,000 site visits to hotel properties throughout the United States to upgrade the network infrastructure supporting public/private WiFi networks. Read More


VOIP Network/Wireless LAN/VOWLAN Design

  • Scope: This project consisted of replacing a PBX and LAN infrastructure with a Cisco LAN, VoIP communications system, and wireless network supporting voice, data, and wireless network end users and guests. Read More