Industry: Retail

Buying, selling, trading are three notions that have founded what is known as the retail industry.  Point of sale technology is changing every day.  Think of how little time you spend in line at a register, or how easy it is to shop online.  The entire retail industry is now completely reliant on secure technology.  Many companies in this industry have relied upon Von Technologies as a partner in keeping consumers happy and spending, all through secure technology.

  • National Retail Corporation
  • Regional Automotive Cooperative
  • Major Tiling Retailer
  • National Retail Corporation
  • Retail Clothing Store


Router Upgrade

  • Scope:  This project consisted of upgrading hardware, circuits, and the configuration on existing customer routers at 1,300 sites nationwide Read More


VoIP Network Design/Implementation

  • Scope:  For this project, Von Technologies planned, designed, implemented, and supported a multisite Unified IP Telephony system. We helped design and build new branch offices and migrate into the unified communications suite. Tier 3 support was provided for the Unified Communications suite. Read More


Infrastructure Upgrade

  • Scope:  For this project, Von Technologies migrated from an EOL Call Manager and Unity voice-mail software / hardware to the latest release and supported hardware.  We upgraded the IOS on all existing voice gateways and phone firmware to support newer Call Manager.  This was a multi-site deployment. Read More


Infrastructure Upgrade

  • Scope: This project consisted of replacing a PBX with like functionality and features in a Cisco CME with one addition of an after hours greeting. Multisite / State deployment. Deploy new phones and cable if necessary.  It was then tied into an existing overhead paging and MOH. Read More


Datacomm/Infrastructure Upgrade

  • Scope:  For this project, Von Technologies replaced the existing legacy WAN routing environment with a Cisco hardware based solution using T1 point-to-point circuits with DSL backup circuits for 609 sites. Read More