Site Surveys

Site Survey:

Site surveys encompass physical site visits to develop an understanding of the customer’s physical environment.  Consideration is given to layouts, equipment mountings, cable installations, and other elements that will impact on the implementation of the solution.  This service may be utilized if a solution has already been sold but the implementation process is yet to be defined, or if a more in-depth survey is not required.


Radio Frequency Site Survey:

The RF Site Survey has become an essential procedure for developing an effective wireless network solution and ensuring effective radio coverage.  Often times, the site survey is used as a pre-sales tool and provides solution providers with hardware and installation information for a relatively low cost.

Von Technologies has deployed Radio Frequency networks in a range of environments. Some of these include:

  • Warehousing
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Health Care 

With the increased need for "real time" data capturing and mobility across these environments, Von Technologies has focused on providing wireless technologies and solutions appropriate to customer specific applications.  Von Technologies is a leader in the implementation of these technologies.

Von Technologies is able to provide solutions to cover all the leading 802.11a/b/g, WiFi compliant systems including Intermec, Cisco and Motorola (Symbol Technologies). Our training, experience, and product knowledge ensures that all wireless applications including data capture, VOIP, and point-to-point links have the most appropriate wireless hardware selected when surveying.

Our site survey process uses the latest diagnostic tools and hardware to ensure the required radio coverage is achieved, taking into account factors such as throughput, redundancy, equipment type and environmental challenges.  The site survey report will provide strategic mounting points for locations of wireless hardware including placement/selection of antennas and access points, and also takes into consideration data and power management issues.

Desktop Radio Frequency Site Survey:

In some circumstances, it is not always possible to conduct a physical site survey, such as in the construction of new buildings.  In other cases, it may not be warranted to conduct an in-depth survey.  In such instances, we can conduct a Desktop RF Site-Survey.  This consists of obtaining, if possible, details of: site drawings, construction material of building, network and power cable diagrams, and providing an estimate of the hardware and professional services required to implement a wireless solution.