Structured Cabling

Von Technologies, LLC. provides customers with structured cabling, wiring, and networking services.  From network design and installation services to voice and data hardware, our goal is to complete your project on-time and in-budget.

We understand how taxing the high cost of change and implementation is, not to mention the challenges of effectively managing wiring projects.  In addition to our hard work, we promise a smooth transition and installation for your company.

Voice and Data Cabling

  • Category 5e, Category 5e350, and Category 6
  • Fiber Optics - Multimode and Singlemode
  • Coaxial and More


Comprehensive Testing and Certification

Through our cable testing, we can provide our customers with a strong assurance that the installed cabling links will provide the desired transmission capibility to support the data communication of its users.

Levels of Cable Testing

  • Certification – guarantees cabling system compliance to industry standards
  • Qualification – determines if an existing cabling link can support certain network speeds and technologies
  • Verification – verifies that cable is connected correctly


Maintenance and Service

Once your cabling and network infrastructure has been installed, Von Technologies gives you the opportunity to protect its long-term functionality and reliability by choosing Von Technologies' on-going comprehensive support service.

We also provide IT network maintenance on systems and infrastructures installed by other providers, subject to a pre-contract survey.

Von Technologies tailors IT network maintenance and service agreements to the unique needs of each customer.  We offer a range of scheduled services and response-led support through our mobile engineering teams, helpdesk, and remote diagnostics.

While cabling installations will provide many years of robust service, other factors may cause performance issues.  Under maintenance contracts specifying response times and service level agreements, Von Technologies' expert team will solve such issues as:

  • Repairs to damaged cable and network points
  • Performance analysis
  • Network patching
  • Circuit identification
  • Moves and network add-ons
  • Cable labeling
  • Network hardware installation
  • Network audits

For more information, ask about our completely free, no obligation "Business network consultation," in which we can recommend an IT network maintenance plan for your specific needs.


Our Specialties

  • Voice and Data Network Cabling
  • Cat 3, Cat 5, and Cat 6
  • Additions, Moves, and Changes
  • Building to Building
  • Cable Planning & Design
  • Low-Voltage Wiring & Cabling
  • Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Single and Multiple Floor Installations
  • Server Racks
  • Audio / Video Cabling & Wiring
  • WiFi / Wireless Network Installation | WLAN Networking Setup | Access Point Installer
  • Voice / Telephone Wiring & Cabling Installation
  • Demarc Extensions
  • B2B - Commercial only - no residential.


Extensive Network Cabling Capabilities

  • Closet cabling organization and upgrade
  • Aerial, underground, outdoor cabling
  • Moves and add-ons
  • Wireless access points
  • Time clocks
  • POS cabling
  • Paging system installation and service
  • Fiber optic fusion splicing
  • Network equipment moves and installations (routers, servers, etc.)
  • Demarc extensions
  • 66 and 110 Block Installation.
  • Phone systems
  • VoIP Installations