Professional Services

Professional services are infrequent, technical, or unique functions performed by independent contractors or by consultants whose occupation is the rendering of such services.  In addition to consulting, engineering and project management expertise, we also offer the following services:



Von Technologies consulting services provide all levels of skilled IT professionals to clients around the world. We have a proven track record of delivering consulting services to leading companies across a broad range of industries. Every business faces its own unique challenges; however, even the toughest and most complex of these can be successfully addressed with IT consulting, given the right experience and the appropriate credentials. Von Technologies consultants, who have such experience and credentials, are able to expertly provide these services.  For over a decade, we have provided flexible solutions to our customers.  Our customers include major, globally-dispersed enterprises with the most demanding availability and security needs.  We also have deep backgrounds to provide vital IT insight across a large range of problems and solutions.


Strategic Staffing:

Shortened time-frames, unique skill-set requirements, or the need for stringent internal controls may force you to look for a partner who can make your objectives an operational reality.  Von Technologies' contingent workforce management services are modeled around providing you with quality resources that seamlessly integrate your organization and the internal control required to meet your technology objectives.  It is a collaborative, on-site model with the addition of a dedicated account management team to gives you the benefit of the right resources with the control you would exercise over an in-house team.  If you are looking to minimize risk, administration, and recruitment costs, then workforce management is the answer.  Contact Von Technologies to learn more about how to leverage our proven experience and knowledge to make your technology objectives a reality.


Project Management:

Von Technologies offers clients the knowledge, capabilities and track record needed to deliver outstanding results.  As one of the most essential services that Von technologies provides in all of our engagements, effective process-based program and project management ensures the delivery of high-quality and timely results in a wide range of organizational functions and efforts.  Our skilled program and project managers have years of experience in managing programs and their component projects.  Applying proven project management methodologies and best practices, our experts facilitate each phase of a specific project, ensuring the most focused, efficient, and cost-effective deployment is possible. The project management team will work with you to manage costs, orchestrate resources, mitigate risk, and monitor every step of your deployment

In addition to providing expert program and project management services as an integral component of all our engagements, we also offer this as a separate service, capable of adding value and ensuring quality in any program a client has initiated.


Assessment / Discovery:

A network assessment is a vital step in understanding network readiness when building the border-less enterprise.  It captures essential network inventory data to help customers understand their current state, identify gaps, and determine if their existing network infrastructure is fit for the purposes for which it will be needed for.  An independent evaluation of your IT systems and services is necessary for determining the condition of your organizational processes along with its ability to rise with long-term development.  Our IT assessment services help you in identifying problem areas and deploying solutions that enhance productivity and, subsequently, profitability.  Von Technologies trained professionals excel in assessment principles gathered from years of helping other companies. This experience offers you an unrivaled level of IT infrastructure expertise.