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IP Telephony Upgrade Scope: Planning, design, implementation, and support for an IP Telephony system outside its support window was completed in this project. Implementation of new IP Telephony servers in an existing current network environment was conducted while migrating PSTN service from POTS and PRI circuits to MPLS routed network with centralized access to SIP circuits. Seven sites with more than 350 users were transitioned in a flash cut-over. Through coordination with the customer's network and cabling resources, we prepared and tested the network environment for cut-over prior to normal business hours. Von Technologies managed deployment and implementation for migration of satellite sites in two countries from a variety of legacy systems into a single redundant IP Telephony core. Approach: An IP Telephony Design engineer and project manager cooperatively collected, documented, and planned the integration of new IP Telephony equipment, the upgrade of existing equipment code for compatibility with new equipment, and increased thef bandwidth for routing calls over the MPLS network. Flash cut-over, administrative training, and end-users support was orchestrated prior to normal business hours due to unique customer demands. Result: The customer environment utilized current equipment and feature set without the need for replacement of the entire network infrastructure. A collapsed and centralized circuit framework allowed for economies of scale on circuits and eliminated international tolls for intra-site calling.

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