• Structured Cabling

    Structured Cabling

    "We need to find people that we can trust and are going be there when we need them and we have found that in Von Technologies. They never let us down, they know our business, they listen, and they have come up with solutions when we need them." Karen L., Director Network Services, Global Retail Read More
  • Infrastructure Services

    Infrastructure Services

    "Thank you for taking good care of my customer. I got good reviews about Von’s work on the VoIP design and network upgrade implemented." Mike M. Global Telecommunications Company Read More
  • POS


    Just a short note to thank you and your team for the excellent work you have done on the POS deployment. Despite the delayed start due to weather conditions you still managed to completed the deployment on schedule which was an excellent achievement. Testing was also good and quality of the test data recorded in the tracking sheet has demonstrated that you and your team have had a good grasp on all the issues. Bob C., Program Manager, Global Quick Service Restaurant. Read More
  • Professional Services

    Professional Services

    "I want to give a special thanks to you, it was your project management and knowledge that pulled this off and got us back, moving again. I know it was a lot of work and several headaches. Global Financial Institute, Chris C. PMP Program Manager" Read More
  • Unified Communication

    Unified Communication

    "Thank you very much for your work in helping us to get our VoIP phone system installed successfully, especially for the great work during cutover. I appreciate Von’s expertise with us on site, leading our system admin team through personalized training exercises and answering questions along the way. It was your expertise during cutover day leading testing and troubleshooting across the sites that made a difference in driving the phone deployment to success. Jennifer L, PMP Global Defense & Aerospace Company." Read More
  • Wireless Networks

    Wireless Networks

    "Thank you all that have supported this effort. This has been a site that was complex in so many levels. Yet again, I find myself saying thank you not only for the onsite teams but those that has served as a liaison between all. You have proven to be a valuable team member that not only supports the clean and well-designed deployments but also those anomalies that make us all want to pull our hair out. I cannot put into words the appreciation that I have for the “Von Team”. Yvonne D, PMP Global Communications Company Hospitality." Read More
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Who we are


Since our inception, our leadership team has established a firm that provides our clients with a unique mix of approach, ability, and attitude. These company standards have provided our people with an engaging and rewarding environment where their contributions are recognized and rewarded.

We put our clients first. Our approach to a client's needs are flexible and responsive. We ask investigative questions, probe for underlying issues, consider any and all implications, and then present an approach to our client that matches their goals. Delivering the best client service requires commitment, communication, compassion, and versatility - all things we excell at.

Integrity is paramount. The foundations of our client relationships are built on our strict adherence to the highest standards for moral and ethical business conduct. In everything we do, our primary concern is to perfrom with integrity, this allows us to be proud of all of our work. We do not tolerate ethical misjudgments or allow them to cloud anything we do.

We seek the best and brightest. We invest in, mentor, and retain people who demonstrate their talent, potential, and drive to be the best they can be. Giving our employees access to a variety of tools and training opportunities allows them to keep their skills sharp and their knowledge relevant.

We strive for quality before growth. Organizational growth is an essential ingredient for our long-term viability as a company, but we will not sacrifice quality for growth. Our primary focus when expanding our team is to develop and incorporate new college graduates and military personnel - the people who represent the future of our firm - since they bring with them fresh ideas and insights. We invest heavily in finding the right individuals by applying time-tested and best-practice recruiting methods, such as critical behavior interviewing, that enable us to assess their potential fit in our culture.

We are responsive by remaining nimble. Responsiveness is one of the hallmarks of a successful consulting firm. Along with responsiveness, maintaining a nimble operating structure benefits our people as well as our clients. We empower and trust our people to find the right ways to respond to clients and the market. By keeping our organization administratively simple and efficient, we provide affordable solutions to organizations of all sizes.

We don’t just want to do well; we want to do great. We know that our success ultimately depends on the health and viability of the people, communities, resources, and environment around and affiliated with us. Accordingly, we make it a point to judge our success not just by the dollars we earn, but by the positive impact we exude through our actions as individuals and a compnay.