• Structured Cabling

    Structured Cabling

    "We need to find people that we can trust and are going be there when we need them and we have found that in Von Technologies. They never let us down, they know our business, they listen, and they have come up with solutions when we need them." Karen L., Director Network Services, Global Retail Read More
  • Infrastructure Services

    Infrastructure Services

    "Thank you for taking good care of my customer. I got good reviews about Von’s work on the VoIP design and network upgrade implemented." Mike M. Global Telecommunications Company Read More
  • POS


    Just a short note to thank you and your team for the excellent work you have done on the POS deployment. Despite the delayed start due to weather conditions you still managed to completed the deployment on schedule which was an excellent achievement. Testing was also good and quality of the test data recorded in the tracking sheet has demonstrated that you and your team have had a good grasp on all the issues. Bob C., Program Manager, Global Quick Service Restaurant. Read More
  • Professional Services

    Professional Services

    "I want to give a special thanks to you, it was your project management and knowledge that pulled this off and got us back, moving again. I know it was a lot of work and several headaches. Global Financial Institute, Chris C. PMP Program Manager" Read More
  • Unified Communication

    Unified Communication

    "Thank you very much for your work in helping us to get our VoIP phone system installed successfully, especially for the great work during cutover. I appreciate Von’s expertise with us on site, leading our system admin team through personalized training exercises and answering questions along the way. It was your expertise during cutover day leading testing and troubleshooting across the sites that made a difference in driving the phone deployment to success. Jennifer L, PMP Global Defense & Aerospace Company." Read More
  • Wireless Networks

    Wireless Networks

    "Thank you all that have supported this effort. This has been a site that was complex in so many levels. Yet again, I find myself saying thank you not only for the onsite teams but those that has served as a liaison between all. You have proven to be a valuable team member that not only supports the clean and well-designed deployments but also those anomalies that make us all want to pull our hair out. I cannot put into words the appreciation that I have for the “Von Team”. Yvonne D, PMP Global Communications Company Hospitality." Read More
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Customer Success Stories


We provide value to our customers and partners every day. But don't take our word for it. Read our success stories to learn how leading organizations are finding unbeatable value, performance, security, and reliability with Von Technologies services and solutions.

Industry: Retail

Buying, selling, trading are three notions that have founded what is known as the retail industry.  Point of sale technology is changing every day.  Think of how little time you spend in line at a register, or how easy it is to shop online.  The entire retail industry is now completely reliant on secure technology.  Many companies in this industry have relied upon Von Technologies as a partner in keeping consumers happy and spending, all through secure technology.

Industry: Quick Serve Restaurant

Von Technologies’ expertise in point-of-sale technology supports a vast number of QSRs along with their consumers.  Everything is automated, nowadays, and Von Technologies has been instrumental in the deployment of this technology, from the back office processor to the register at the drive thru, to receipt printers or the digital menu board. Quick Serve Restaurants have been relying on Von Technologies as a partner in reaching their technology goals.

Industry: Manufacturing

Manufacturing has come a long way in the last century.  Nearly everything we touch has been manufactured in some way.  Information technology now supports the manufacturing industry from start to finish.  Von Technologies knows that having the proper technology in place is the key to keeping the manufacturing industry running seamlessly.

Industry: Hospitality

Business or pleasure?  Whether a business conference or tropical vacation, both demand what are now considered standards in hospitality technology.  Ranging from motels on Route 66 to luxury hotels in the heart of Paris, these properties pride themselves on pleasing their customers.  Von Technologies helps the hospitality sector in order for them to meet the needs of their guests.

Industry: Financial

Nothing keeps the world running smoothly more than the financial industry.  Banks, credit card companies, stock brokerages, and insurance companies are all corporations within the sectors of the financial industry that have relied upon Von Technologies to maintain the security and modernity of the technology this industry demands.

Industry: Health Care

Health Care is an industry that touches every person at some point in their lives. While the doctors, nurses, and insurance representatives are what may come to mind when thinking about health care, what we don’t think about is the incredible amount of technology behind these professionals. The surge, in recent years, of the technology that puts computers or tablets in every doctor’s exam room, eliminates the need for paper filing, and lets you view your medical records from your desktop is all fueled by a complex technology infrastructure that demands the utmost security.  Von Technologies is proud to be a part of the new age of health care and medical technology.

Industry: Government

One industry that has become more reliant on technology is the government sector.  Think of the automation we see, now, with every aspect of the government, from the IRS to the DMV, from the United States Military to the park district in your local community.  The people of this country place their trust in government to provide assistance and information, keep us safe, and keep our personal information secure.  Von Technologies is pleased to assist, whenever possible, to help all branches of government reach their technological goals.

Industry: Education

Von Technologies has worked with many entities within the educational services sector.  Establishments that provide instruction and training in a wide variety of subjects, including technology, must be able to support a large number of users, but also provide these services at an affordable price for the institution.  Having up-to-date technological infrastructure in place puts these schools and universities at the top of their class.

Industry: Distribution

Distribution is an integral part of the way the world does business.  Without the proper technological infrastructure in place, the world consumption market would come to a standstill.  Von Technologies is pleased to be a small business that keeps this faction of our world economy running.


Success is something that we all aspire for, personally and professionally.  The most encouraging reality success provides is that it is attainable to all, regardless of who we are, what we are, or where we are.  It is a personal realization, and we cannot feel genuinely happy if we feel like a failure within ourselves or a failure in the eyes of others.  As a services company, Von Technologies’ success is tied to the happiness of our clients.  This is our number one priority, our one goal.  We have proven time and again that we can successfully please our clients, which, in turn, adds to our success as a company, and the personal success and validation of our teammates.  Please take a minute to review some of the areas of our success below.